Scheduled Deliveries

Do you have recurring deliveries that need to be made on regular intervals? If you do, it makes sense to consider alternatives to FedEx, UPS, and the other national carriers. These companies turn local and regional deliveries into national deliveries by shipping them to an out-of-state hub even if the destination is across town. In those cases, your package not only travels much farther than necessary, but it’s a very expensive ride!

Instead, you can ship your package at a fraction of the cost with The Courier Connection. Our specialty is recurring, or so-called "scheduled", deliveries.

Express Rush

Sometimes there’s not enough time to plan ahead and you need same-day delivery. We can handle that too.

  • An attorney in Baltimore needs to get a deposition to Washington, D.C. before a trial starts.
  • A physician needs to get a lab sample across town within the next hour.
  • A title company needs a check delivered from a bank to close on someone's mortgage loan.

These are just a few examples of typical Express Rush scenarios in which we deliver packages the same day.


Why hire a shipping employee and face all the hassles of management and providing benefits when The Courier Connection can do it for you more efficiently?

Our logistics services are ideal for companies without large shipping departments. Particularly if you have recurring destinations and shipment types, The Courier Connection is ideal to come into your company and handle the entire delivery process for you, from point A to point B.


Sometimes you need temporary warehousing of just a day or two, and other times you need long-term solutions. Either way, our massive warehouse at our headquarters outside Washington, D.C. can handle your valuables.

Our facility has 24 x 7 security, including alarms, video surveillance, and locked gates, to safeguard your belongings. Ask us about discounts for long-term usage.

We serve all industries,
with a special
emphasis on:

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical (including managed care & retail)
  • Payroll
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Office Supply
  • Federal and State
    Government Agencies
  • Law Firms
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate/Title
  • Hospitals
  • White Glove Service